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Scarytales Branding & Illustrations

Pixel One Design_ ScarytalesPixel One design_ScarytalesPixel One Design Scarytales LogoPixel One Design Scarytales Logo

We’ve been beavering away lately on a few projects, and thought we’d drop a quick update on this particular one – which is for a great cause.

Coming to Yorkshire in March to raise money for the Sheffield Childrens Hospital is┬áScarytales, a live scare attraction housing popular Fairytale characters with a twist – Red Riding Hood isn’t so nice and you really shouldn’t follow that Yellow brick road in here.

The task was set – to come up with an identity that was visually striking for the horror attraction but steering well away from being gory.

We decided to go for a strong graphic approach to depict the various Fairytale and fantasy characters turned bad, with a variety of minimalistic illustrations coupled with some bespoke lettering for the Scarytales logotype. Above are two examples of the illustrations for the Childcatcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Red Riding Hood.

We thought we’d give a sneaky peak to help promote this fantastic event that so far Sheffield United & Sheffield Wednesday football clubs as well as the Yorkshire Post have pledged their support to. In the mean time we’re busy away working on the website and marketing for Scarytales – when the site is launched we’ll let you know so you can get all the info you need to help support this fantastic event.



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